Dabangai: In Aligarh, 40-year-old Ramayana studying Dilsher was beaten by Muslim youth


40 साल से रामायण पढ़ रहे दिलशेर को मुस्लिम युवकों ने पीटा

Aligarh (AKK News)। On Thursday, a Muslim devotee who was reading Ramayana at home in the Mahfuj Nagar Gosht street of Dehlegate of Aligarh area was beaten by the people of the district. Baja (Hermione) broke. Dabang Ramayana (Ramcharit Manas) also took away Dilshar has been studying Ramayan for 40 years. Threatened to kill him. This police has filed a lawsuit against two people.

Broke the harmonium and assault also
Aligarh Mahfuj Nagar resident Dilheer (55) is a security guard in the meat factory. They did the night duty and came to their house in the morning and sat down to read Ramayana. It is alleged that during this time some youths, including Sameer and Zakir, entered the house and began to assault and abuse. Broke their hammer. The accused said that if you read here you will kill them with life. Ramayana also went along with Dabang Dilshar informed the Security Agency’s supervisor. Then he advised to complain in the police. Dilheer told the pain of pain at the Delhi Gate police station. This news created a stir in the police. The matter reached the SSP and then the report was registered.

Ramayana is studying since 1979

Dilshar has recited the Ramayana text in his habit. They do not forget to read Ramayana every day after bathing. They remember many choupes. He also reads Gita He said that I have been reading Ramayana since 1979. This makes me feel relaxed. This is what some people oppose. Daydays threaten. Life is at risk all the time.



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