11 गायों की मौके पर मौत In Aligarh 11 cows dead mourned people, know how dead a cow


11 गायों को मरा हुआ देख तड़प उठे लोग

Aligarh (AKK News)। In the Iglas Kotwali area, the light of the hightning line passing through the support of Aligarh-Mathura Road suddenly collapsed. 11 cows died on the spot due to lightning coming in the broken wire.

Electric wire break
Mahavir son Jawala Prasad, a resident of village Taharpur, has 30 cows. He casts his life through cows. At one o’clock on Friday afternoon, his son Vishnu and daughter Sonu were feeding cow in front of Balgadhar Cold Store on Aligarh Marg. It started boisterous There was a short circuit in the line due to the high frequency line touching the pole tree with the drops of rain there. The power line from the short circuit collapsed by breaking the wire.

cow was eating grass
In the grip of the wire, there were ten cow and one goose rush in Mahavira’s grass. All the cattle have died. The officers thought the victims were calm and extinguished. SDM Renu Singh said that the victim will be compensated by the Department of Electricity.



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