रेलवे बजट में अलीगढ़ को मिले छह ओवर ब्रिज Vandey Bharat Superfast run by over 200 kilometers per hour, over bridge met for Aligarh in Railway Budget


रेलवे बजट में अलीगढ़ को मिले छह ओवर ब्रिज, 200 किमी की स्‍पीड से दौड़गी वंदे भारत सुपरफास्‍ट

Aligarh (AKK News)। In the general budget presented in the Lok Sabha, Aligarh could not get the stops of new trains according to the demands, but moving towards modernism, in the courtyard of the Aligarh railway station in the Prayagraj division of the North Central Railway, at a cost of about 108 thousand crore new Construction works have been announced. With the creation of new bridges from this budget, funds have been allocated for the increase in passenger amenities, maintenance of railway track, renewal, expansion of power capacity, doubling, third and fourth railway line.

Aligarh will be constructing six road overbridge
Aligarh – New overbridge will be built in Dawood Khan. The construction of this bridge will cost about 4.47 crores. On Bareilly-Aligarh Branch line, 7.64 crores will be spent on Overbridge in Gat No. 86 B, 3.01 crores on Gate No. 85 B of Manjorgarh-Harduaganj. Among Kaluva-Somana, 7.11 crore on gate number 119b, gate of Aligarh-Mehraveli will be constructed at a cost of Rs. 3.54 crore and 111a at gate number 120 B-round, at 7.11 crore. In most of these schemes, the work has been completed, the balance has been provided for the release of the balance. The construction of these bridges will provide great comfort to the commoners.

Work of Axle Counter that will cost Rs. 29 crores
Between Aligarh-Chipyana, about two million rupees will be spent in double checking, multi-dimensional, numerical, axle counters i.e. Axle counters. Between the Aligarh-Ghaziabad and the third line will be completed with the help of 4.47 crores, the remaining remaining works of the railway track will be completed.

Bridge will be built on the Delhi side in Aligarh
Aligarh railway station will have a bridge at the cost of 11 crores in front of the SP City Office in Delhi side. For this, 4.5 crore rupees have been released.

Train will run from automatic signal system
The construction work has been completed between Mariupat Station and Dadri, under the automatic signal system instead of the absence block movement on the up line between Ghaziabad from Aligarh. A budget of 6.44 crores has been allocated for the completion of the work from Maharwal to Aligarh. 2.64 crore funds have been released for the construction and station improvement of a down Loop line and platform at Aligarh station. Aligarh – The bidirectional, automatic signal system and extension of small loops will be done on the middle line of Mughalsarai. Now, from Aligarh to Mughalsarai, a total budget of Rs 2.4 crore will be spent to extend the total length of trains to 715 meters relative to the length of the train. 14.64 crores of rupees will be spent on the color light signaling panel system under electro mechanical at Harduaganj and Manjoorgarhi railway station. There will be a change in the 11 KVA traction power station and the 33 KVA sub station at Aligarh junction in Maharurl.

E-working system will get recognition, paperless work
Railways will promote e-working systems, installation, computer based modules, paperless to all railway stations of North Central Railway, which have A, B, C and D range. Railway tickets will also not be included in the line. Tickets can be easily accessed through ATVMs. This will also reduce the burden of employees.

These will also be available
So far, many trains including Vande Bharat were running at 160 kmph per hour on the Delhi-Howrah railway track. In the budget, they have been planned to run at a speed of 200 km per hour. From this speed, the distance from Delhi to Howrah can be completed in just 12 hours.
– With the public announcement of the arrival of the station in superfast trains, the benefits of the display will be available to the passengers.
– 13.6 crores will be spent for deploying a watchman without a janitorial railway crossing. However, there is no railway crossing watchman in Aligarh Junction area.

2,226 crores for the doubling of the Bareilly-Chandausi rail rout
With the approval of doubling of the Bareilly-Chandausi-Aligarh railway line of Moradabad Railway Board, the budget has been allocated. Bareilly-Chandausi-Aligarh is considered the most backward railroad. Its length is 167.74 km. A budget of Rs 2,226 crore has been given for its doubling. Already the electrification work is already going on here. The Bareilly-Chandausi-Aligarh Branch line is an important railroad. This line mixes railways’ most important railway routes passing through Aligarh and Bareilly and is considered to be A root of the Delhi-Aligarh-Howrah Route Railway. Due to more traffic on this, plans have been made to increase the use of Chandausi Route. This line is being doubled. Traffic on Delhi-Aligarh-Howrah route, Saharanpur-Moradabad-Lucknow and Delhi-Moradabad-Lucknow route can be shifted as per requirement.



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