भाजपा सरकार में न्याय को तरस रही जनता Aligarh Former MLA Jamirullah said, people are craving for justice in BJP government


Aligarh (AKK News)। Former MLA Jamir Ullah said that Aligarh is constantly being attacked in the name of dalits and Hindus on the name of dogs etc. People in the BJP government are yearning for justice. BJP legislators and MPs just stagger.

Pawan had asked for justice
The former MLA said that recently Pawan attempted suicide in the MP’s office. He died in Delhi. Pawan fought for justice. He made an appeal to the police station, MP and chief minister, but no one listened. After throwing the intestines in the hospital of Harrapuganj, he threw him into dust bin, after which he died.

Hardly beaten Nikhil
In the past, BJP’s councilor Alka Gupta brutally beaten Nikhil, innocent child. She has been taken to Delhi in critical condition. The former MLA has asked the administration, the Chief Minister and the Prime Minister to pay compensation of at least 25 lakh rupees to the families of the victims, and to give one member a government job.



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