AMU News एएमयू में तनाव Tension in AMU: Two student leader sent to jail for peace breach, ten suspended, RAF and PAC deployed


हंगामा करने पर एएमयू के दो छात्र नेता भेजे जेल, दस निलंबित, आरएएफ व पीएसी तैनात

Aligarh (AKK News)। At Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) on Thursday, four student leaders performing outside the registrar office took the police to the police. Two were sent to jail on peace charges, released on two convicts. Insomnia has suspended ten students. This has increased tension in the campus. Several police stations have been deployed with RAF and PAC. For the first time in the history of the university, the student leaders have been arrested from the registrar office.

Two AMU student from Azamgarh sent to jail
Among the student leaders who are sent to jail, former student vice-president Hamza Sufiyan and former secretary Hujafa Aamir are included. Along with them, former president Salman Imtiaz and former cabinet member Moinuddin had also been arrested, who were released on bail. Student leader expelled for five years Hamza Sufiyan and Suspended Hujaffar in the case of Aamir and Iftikhar Khan, Vice Chancellor Prof. Tariq wanted to meet Mansur, but it could not happen. Both the student leaders sent to jail and Iftekhar Khan are from Azamgarh.

An incident took place with Minto Circle students

Earlier, the leaders of the students of the University of Minto Circle School chanted the administrative building on the morning. CCTV cameras and window windows were broken here. The names of the officials were overthrown by the Patidas. Hours Cut Off Hump Insomniac had to call the police on this It was also the first time that the police reached the administrative building.

Students stopped the Vice Chancellor’s car
The students were surrounded by the Vice Chancellor’s car going to the office. Students wanted to talk to them Police in some way separated students from the train.

Stopping admission of suspended students
Suspension of Suspension of Ten Schools of Minto Circle School has been suspended by the accused for committing ruckus. They have stopped entry to their campus.

Sent to prison for peace

SSP Akash Kulhari said that the student leaders were sent to jail for peace breach. The campus will not allow the atmosphere to get spoiled. RAF and PAC are deployed with the police


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