Independence 2019: स्वतंत्रता सेनानी आफताब अहमद Freedom fighter Aftab Ahmed Khan said, Englishmen ran stones in Delhi


स्वतंत्रता सेनानी आफताब अहमद खां ने बताया: दिल्ली में पथराव कर दौड़ाए थे फिरंगी

Aligarh (AKK News)। In the fight for independence, the British lathing on the body, being hungry and thirsty all night, walking on foot in the jungles to reach their homes, the next time Jung-e-Azadi jumped with passion and passion … it Remembering Atrauli freedom fighter Aftab Alam gets emotional.

Life was spent in the forest among the bushes
Recalling the freedom struggle, freedom fighter Aftab Ahmad Khan, resident of Mohalla Chaudharyan of Atrauli city, told that before the independence of the country, more than half of his life was spent in the forests. During a movement in Delhi, he was rung by stones at the Firangi. During this time we also suffered a lot. Several companions were seriously injured.

Old spirit still in heart
Today the age may have been more than 98 years, but the old spirit for the country is still young at heart. He says that all his colleagues sacrificed their lives for the country to get freedom for the country. Aftab Ahmad Khan tells that wherever the Firangi looked, Vande used to throw stones at Mataram, shouting slogans. Firangi also used to fire at them with guns, but the spirit of patriotism is such that we also did not retreat. We were the ones who forced the British to retreat.

Jailed for three days a month
Aftab told that in the Quit India Movement in 1942, he was arrested and put in jail. He was jailed for one month and three days during that time. Now there is only one wish that my country of India should again become a gold bird.

Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi patted his back
Mahatma Gandhi ji once patted his back and said that son, you will do something big. After the Quit India movement, Aftab went to meet Mahatma Gandhi. When he praised, the enthusiasm had increased even more.


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