इगलास से भाजपा प्रत्‍याशी राजकुमार सहयोगी 25937 वोटों से जीते UP News BJP candidate Rajkumar won by 25937 votes in Aligarh Iglas Assembly by election


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इगलास से भाजपा प्रत्‍याशी राजकुमार सहयोगी 25937 वोटों से जीते

Aligarh (AKK News)। All the rounds of counting were completed at Dhanipur Mandi of Iglas Assembly in Aligarh. BJP candidate Rajkumar Ally won one-sided. BSP came in second place. The remaining candidates, including Congress and Lok Dal, could not save till bail. In the joy of victory, BJP members distributed laddus and expressed happiness.

Result of 33rd cycle

1. Abhay Kumar (BSP) – 49736

2. Umesh Kumar (Congress) – 10786

3. Rajkumar Sahyogi (BJP) – 75673

4. Pushpendra Singh – 1086

5. Mukesh Kumar (Lok Dal) – 4783

6. Vikas aka Vikas Kumar – 503

7. Harish Kumar Dhangar – 2762

8. NOTA – 1087

Total – 146192

Counting of votes made in 14 tables
The counting of votes started simultaneously at 14 tables in Dhanipur Mandi from 8 am. Counting on these is to be completed in about 33 rounds. Tight security arrangements have been made. The future of seven candidates is at stake in the by-election.

Iglas seat was vacant after becoming MLA from MP

Iglas assembly seat is running vacant after MLA Rajvir Diler was elected as Hathras MP. On 21 September, the Election Commission announced a by-election here. A total of 10 candidates submitted their claims here. However, three candidates including RLD were rejected in the investigation. Only seven candidates were left in the fray. It was now voted on 21 October. People angry at the cow dynasty, development work and the displeasure of public representatives did not take much interest in voting. Close to two dozen boycotted voting in the village. Due to this, the lowest vote after independence was 39.06 percent. Out of a total of 3.75 lakh voters, only 1.46 lakh cast their votes. There are a total of 14 tables in a single room.

Bail will be saved on 20 percent
A total of seven candidates are in the fray. It is mandatory for any candidate to take 20 percent of the total votes cast to save his / her bail. In this case, 146354 votes have been cast here this time. In such a case, the candidate will have to take 29270 votes to save the bail.

future of these candidates will be decided
Party candidate
BSP, Abhay Kumar
Congress, Umesh Kumar,
BJP, Rajkumar ally
Independent Janata Raj Party, Pushpendra Singh
Lok Dal, Mukesh Kumar
Brotherhood Party, Vikas Kumar
Shoshit Party, Harish Kumar

Procession will not remove
After the victory, no candidate will be able to take out the victory procession. Apart from this, all the candidates will be sent home under strict security of counting. There will be a foot area up to two meters away from the counting place.

Total turnout, 39.06 percent
Female Voting, 35.67
Male Voting, 41.87

This is the situation
Total voters, 374733
Total votes cast, 146354

Total Male Voters, 201373
Total votes cast, 84317

Total female voters, 173350
Total votes cast, 61836
Total Other Voters, 10
Total votes cast, 01

Mobile phone will be banned in counting
Mobile phones, calculators will be banned in the counting hall. The BJP candidate’s election agent had sought permission from DM Chandrabhushan Singh to carry water to the counting hall. But, DM did it. He clearly stated that there would be no compromise with the terms of the Election Commission. Only items determined by the Commission will be able to go inside. If anyone wants to drink water, he has to come out.

Past results of Iglas assembly election

Assembly Elections 2017
Candidate Party Result Vote Percentage
Rajveer Diler won BJP 128000 55.06
Rajendra Kumar BSP II 53200 22.88
Sulekha Singh Ralod III 28141 12.01
Guru Binder Singh Congress IV 20934 09.00

Assembly election 2012
Candidate Party Result Vote Percentage
Trilokiram divakar ralod won 66146 34.70
Rajendra Kumar BSP II 57953 30.40
Kanhaiya Lal SP III 33416 17.53
Ramsakhi BJP IV 19793 10.38

Assembly election 2007
Candidate Party Result Vote Percentage
Vimlesh singh ralod wins 53522 40.97
Mukul Upadhyay BSP II 46822 35.84
Rakesh Chaudhary Congress III 21274 16.29
Dilip Singh SP IV 2967 02.27

strong>Assembly Election 2002
Candidate Party Result Vote Percentage
Vijender Singh Congress won 49639 38.05
Narendra Kumar Dixit BSP II 39730 30.45
Malkhan Singh BJP III 37324 28.61
Sanjay Singh SP IV 922 00.71

Conditions necessary
DM Chandrabhushan Singh says that the administration has made complete preparations for counting of votes. Tight security arrangements have been made to maintain peace. For all the candidates, all the conditions of the commission will have to be compulsory.



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