भैयादूज Happy Bhaiya Dooj 2019: Bhaiya Dooj 2019 Sisters apply tilak to brother, ignoring the problems of trains and buses


Bhaiya Dooj 2019 Sisters apply tilak to brother, ignoring the problems of trains and buses
Aligarh News,Bhaiya Dooj 2019,Sisters ignoring problems of trains and buses,भैयादूज

ट्रेन व बसों की दिक्कतों को नजरअंदाज कर बहनों ने भाई को लगाया तिलक

Aligarh (AKK News) On Tuesday, the sisters ignored their own troubles and applied tilak to the brother and strengthened the unbreakable relationship between the siblings. Bhai-duj festival was celebrated with gaiety. In Aligarh and Hathras, some sisters went to the brothers ‘house and vaccinated, and all the brothers went to the sisters’ house and strengthened the bond of love. There was a lot of shopping in the markets to buy sweets and coconut shells for this festival. Sisters and brothers had to face traffic difficulties. The trains were overcrowded, so the buses had the same condition.

Brother gave his sister a gift on brotherhood
There was a lot of crowd in the markets for buying Bhaiyuduj. The sisters bought coconut balls, sugar candy, sweets etc. for the brothers. All the sisters also took packets of chocolate etc. Also bought gifts etc. for brothers. Bhaiyuduj gave gifts to each other after being vaccinated on the day. On this festival, the brother also gave gifts to the sisters. As a gift, brothers gave saris, jewelery, cash, etc. to their sisters. In addition to balls and sweets in the markets, shops of textiles, bullion etc. were also crowded. This time the shell sold up to Rs 240 per kg. The last time was 300 rupees. The prices of sweets also started at Rs 200 per kg. The last time sweets started at Rs 160 per kg. Desi Ghee sweets were sold above Rs 300 a kg.

70 additional buses run from Hathras for Bhaiya Dooj

Hathras: To redeem the Bhaiyyuduj festival, about 70 buses were put on various routes by the Transport Department. Warning of departmental action was also issued against deducting the salary of the driver-operators who are on leave without giving any reason.

Roadways buses run a day earlier
Roadways buses started running towards Agra, Aligarh, Sikanderrau from Monday morning. Roadways had made arrangements to run buses on long distances apart from local routes. Buses for Delhi, Bareilly, Haridwar, Moradabad, Lucknow, Noida etc. were increased in this. In order to prevent the operation of buses due to any reason, incentive scheme was also started for the drivers and operators. A reward of four thousand rupees was set for running three thousand kilometers of bus. According to station in-charge Viri Singh, if any driver-operator is absent from duty without giving any reason, departmental action will be taken against him along with cutting his salary

Duggmar vehicles cut silver
Passengers of Dugmar vehicles were also seen taking great support. Due to the scheduling of roadways buses and trains, people were forced to travel in these Daggemar vehicles in a hurry. Due to no check-in system, the Daggemar vehicle carried passengers on the roofs and hung them.

crowded trains in the trains were packed with Bhaiya Dooj on Monday. People completed the journey by risking their lives. When all the sisters reached the bus stand and railway station to go to their destination, there was a huge rush on various routes. Many buses did not go inside due to the rush of passengers, due to which, bypasses had to wait for buses. Trains on the Mathura and Kasganj routes were also much crowded on other days. At Hathras City railway station, people had to stand for long hours waiting for trains. The trains were already so crowded that they entered through the window to get a seat. Female passengers suffered more.


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