SSP announces, 50 thousand rupees for the person who knows theft of children stolen from Aligarh jail


Aligarh (Akk News)। On the second day of the seven-month-old child kidnapped on Friday outside the district jail, there was no clue on Saturday. SSP Akash Kulhari has announced a cash prize of Rs.50,000 for the recovery of the child and the knower. Issuing sketch, poster and pamphlet of the accused woman, they have been paused at public places.

The woman took the child from the excuse
Yogesh of Bichaula village of Iglas area is locked in jail for theft. On Friday, wife Vainish Bhabhi reached Priyanka’s wife Virendra resident Padiyavali, Madarak’s meeting. Priyanka also brought her only son Umang (7 months) together. Umang was feeding Simons and Kunjal, daughter of Venesh. Only then did a woman fall prey to the innocent.

Investigating teams
Inspector Amit Kumar, under the supervision of SP City Abhishek and CO Civil Lines Anil Samania, in charge of surveillance, Abhay Sharma, SOG in charge Shravan Kumar’s team sat on Saturday, bus stand, railway station, cargo godown, kappula, rasulanjanj, shamshad market, kanshiram accommodation etc. Running a search operation in slums built on the slums

Actively engaged police

SSP Akash Kulhari told that 318 women and men had met in jail. The names of women and children are being collected by collecting information about all the names, addresses and mobile numbers.

family of the streets
In search of excitement Father Virendra Singh Bua Vansh Devi on Saturday searched from the slums of the city and in many areas. Virendra alleged that if the police had not stopped the innocent brother-in-law in a false case of theft, his son would probably not be abducted.

These children are still missing
Even these children did not even know that even before the city many children have been stolen such that the police have not been able to find even after a long time. In which the most prominent was abducted on October 27, 2017, the eight year old son Vikas and four-month-old daughter Kajal, kidnapped couple Kanhaiya and Meena, who were slum dwellers on the Shamshad market. Himself, police captain Rajesh Pandey ran several teams for several days in search of the kidnapped children, but the result did not come out. Hemlata, wife of Chandrapal Singh of Sanjay Gandhi Colony of Quarcy from Mohanlal Gautam Women’s District Hospital on October 16, 2018, gave birth to a newborn son. Only then a woman stole it. Apart from this, many innocent people are missing from various police stations of the city, which have not yet been found.


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