Hathras police recovered from a young woman trapped in Lovejihad from Jaipur


Aligarh(AKK News)। In Hathras Through the queue number, the police in the Kotwali Sadar police recovered the safe custody of the young girl who was stranded in the lovejihad of another community. A week ago, the girl had gone to Jaipur near the young man. With the help of surveillance, the police reached the girl and the accused youth.

young woman was missing a week ago
The 20-year-old girl from Kotwali Sadar area was suddenly missing on May 13. According to the family at 12 noon, he had come out of the house on the pretext of filling the college form, after which he did not return. Families searched quite a lot Contacted the police, but they did not know anything. The lawsuit was filed on May 18. Based on the mobile number, the police investigated that the young woman was in Jaipur. Police has recovered the woman from Jaipur on Monday.

Trapped the young woman with the wrong phone number
The accused youth is also in police custody. In the investigation, it was revealed that the young man had trapped the girl in his love jungle through a number of numbers. For the last three months, they used to talk only on both phones. The young man invited the girl to his house and went to Jaipur. On February 13, the young woman reached Mathura directly and from there Jaipur. According to sources, the youth pressurized the change of religion to live together and get married, but the girl refused. Even after the change of religion, the family members of the young man refused to marry. By then the police also searched and recovered it.

The Case of Lovejihad
On Monday, the police conducted a medical examination of the girl. After this the statements in the court were also made. The kin also reached Kotwali on the information about the recovery of the girl. He explained it – extinguished The matter was being told to be associated with Lovejihad, but police has not confirmed it.



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