Pharmacist protested in Lucknow, pharmacist would take refuge in court


Aligarh(AKK News)। On the appointment, the pharmacists of pharmacists of the state were detained in the Eco Garden of Lucknow by the Pharmacist seva sansthan and given the memorandum addressed to the Chief Secretary of Medical Health and Family Welfare, to the SDM Sadar Lucknow. SDM has assured to send memorandum to the Principal Secretary. Here the pharmacist has warned that if the demand is not met, then in the first week of July, the pharmacists will take demostration and speed up the movement.

Direct appointment to registered pharmacist
In the memorandum given to the Lucknow SDM Sadar, Pankaj Mishra, President of Pharmacist seva sansthan, said that according to the rules, the registered pharmacists were directly recruited in government hospitals from 1980 to 1996, but since 2007, the government started arbitrarily recruiting in Uttar Pradesh. , Which is wrong. They should directly appoint registered pharmacists from 2008 to 2019 of demand. The movement against this arbitrariness of the government will be sharpened. Pankaj Mishra, president of Pharmacist Pharmacist seva sansthan has said that our dharna was going on peacefully in the Eco Garden, but the SDM of Lucknow came to hold the Sadar. The president claimed that the phone was terminated by talking to the principal secretary on the phone while he went to the central government on the depotation. Against this fraud, the pharmacists will go to the court’s shelter and accelerate the agitation.

These are present on dharna
Abhinav Srivastav, secretary of the Pharmacist Pharmacist seva sansthan, from RaiBareli, on the echo garden, Deepesh Saxena, Sankalp Varma, Lakhimpur Kheeri, Bhanuprakash Ghaziabad, Sanjeev Singh Ballia, Manoj Agnihotri Unnao, Dinesh Rakesh Pal, Divakar Yadav and Saqir Ali Arif Ali. Pharmacists from across the state attended

This is the rule
Pankaj Mishra, President of Pharmacist Services Institute Pankaj Mishra, RaiBareilly Secretary Abhinav Shrivastav and Deepesh Saxena of Aligarh, have jointly said that the Department of Uttar Pradesh Health Department registered Diploma Pharmacist from 2008 to 2019 under the direct recruitment process under Uttar Pradesh Pharmacist Service Rules, 1980 Illegally excluded, whereas no amendment has been made in the rules so far. In Uttar Pradesh, Trauma Center, District Hospital, Community / Primary Health Centers, in the Maternity Wing till today, the post of a pharmacist is not created in the ward. According to the Drug and Cosmetic Act 1940 Rule 1945, the distribution and distribution of medicines without the registered pharmacist is a punishable offense under Central Acts Pharmacy Act 1948.


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